Thank you, Beach Street! What’s next?

Thank you to Suffolk Vegans and Hazel & Co Yoga for hosting us at the vegan Christmas market at Beach Street, Felixstowe on Saturday 4 December! It was a brilliant opportunity for us to provide a preview of the type of fresh bakery items we are working on, alongside some of the exciting food and drink products we will be offering in the Vikings café, such as TrueStart Coffee, alongside a select number of retail goods, including Beebombs.

So, what’s next for Vikings Bakehouse? In case you missed it, we have already announced a special Suffolk Vegans event taking place at The Gallery on Wednesday 26 January! Stay tuned for updates on other events and upcoming collaborations.

In the meantime, please enjoy these lovely photographs of the vegan market, taken by Mikaela Jade Photography.

Behind every bite, there is a story

You may fancy festive flavours or indulgent double chocolate…or perhaps mixed berries are more your thing? This delicious Mindful Bites collection is available at our market stall at the Suffolk Vegans market this coming Saturday!

Mindful Bites are an ethical company that proclaims it is possible to produce good food without inflicting suffering or exploitation along the supply chain.

Their mission statement is clear and uncompromising.

“Behind every bite, there is a story. From the African women harvesting baobab to escape extreme poverty, to the resilient maca growers on top of the Andes in Peru. Sustainability, to us, also means positive social impact for the farmers, their families and wider communities.”

Mindful Bites

Working with ethical companies is exceptionally important to us. Mindful Bites, along with TrueStart Coffee, are examples of the type of businesses that share our passion and our values.

Vikings love the sea, and TrueStart Coffee is making waves!

We are super excited not only to be arriving at Beach Street Felixstowe this Saturday for the vegan market, but to be doing so powered by our favourite coffee brand, TrueStart! We will be selling a selection of instant cold brew cans – including the amazing chilli chocolate flavour – and tins of barista-grade instant coffee!

The elegant 250ml cold brew cans are truly tremendous, with a flavour for everybody! You could play it safe with original black, but there is also chilli chocolate, vanilla coconut, and salted caramel. All of the cold brew cans are low in calories and are, of course, 100% vegan. TrueStart’s instant coffee defies expectations, and each 100g tin is good for around 50 servings. Never has instant gratification been so dignified!

So, on Saturday morning, wake-up, head to the vegan market at Beach Street, smell the TrueStart coffee (and, er, drink some!), and then buy a pack of four cans and a tin or two of instant coffee for the special person in your life!

In 2022, to fully complete the Vikings Bakehouse coffee line-up, we are looking forward to serving freshly brewed TrueStart filter coffee in the Vikings Bakehouse café!

Why TrueStart?

TrueStart is a Bristol-based start-up and is one of the fastest growing drinks brands in the United Kingdom. TrueStart’s bold, energetic approach, say founders Simon and Helena, is to rise above the tired, complacent brands which “dominate the coffee industry, with countless sugary, milky, poor quality products that do not resonate with our generation at all – we’re worlds apart in terms of ethics and attitude to life.”

Ethics and attitude? We’re down with that.

We look forward to a long-term partnership with TrueStart!

Beebombs for wildflower habitats and biodiversity!

Saving the bees is easy-beesy with a Beebomb!

We shall be offering a very special Christmas gift idea at the forthcoming vegan Christmas market in Felixstowe on Saturday 4 December 2021. The planet needs your help, and a part of the answer comes in the unlikely shape of a Beebomb! ‘What on earth‘, you ask, ‘is a Beebomb?’

Firstly, did you know that since the Second World War, 97% of the natural bee and butterfly habitats have been lost in the United Kingdom? This is both tragic and enormously consequential. While the planet would happily survive without humans, we humans – Vikings or otherwise – urgently need to help save the bees. This is because these tiny heroes of pollination allow plants to reproduce. We humans need plants to survive, therefore we simply must protect the bees.

With Beebombs, you do not require the illustrious gardening talents of Alan Titchmarsh in order to effectively utilise the crucial seeds contained within. Beebombs can be easily dispersed straight onto the open ground, and at any time of the year, by absolutely anyone. So, while a Beebomb is the perfect gift for the special human in your life, it is also a fantastic present for the bees, for biodiversity, and for the planet.

You will find Beebombs at the Vikings Bakehouse stall at the ‘Very Vegan Christmas Market‘ at Beach Street, Felixstowe, on Saturday 4 December 2021. See you there!

Christmas and the need for mead…

We are excitedly getting prepared for Beach Street Felixstowe’s ‘Very Vegan Christmas Market‘ on Saturday 4 December 2021, organised by Suffolk Vegans​!

As it is a Christmas market we will be focussing on gifts and retail items, and one such offering will be vegan-friendly beer gift packs from our sister venue, The Briarbank Brewing Company. We will have a limited quantity of packs available on the day, so be sure not to miss out on a wonderful gift for a special someone…even if that special someone happens to be you!

We will be announcing other products for the Christmas market in the coming days; rest assured, there will be something for everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Felixstowe for a good old Viking invasion.

For more information on the event, click here.

Vikings Bakehouse and The Gallery to host Suffolk Vegans meet-up

On Wednesday 26 January 2022 between 18:00 – 21:00, The Gallery will be hosting a special event exclusively for Suffolk Vegans, with Vikings Bakehouse offering a full vegan tapas menu! Furthermore, Vikings Bakehouse has another exciting collaboration in the works with Suffolk Vegans, with details to be confirmed in the coming days. The relationship between Vikings Bakehouse and Suffolk Vegans is by no means a new one! The very first Suffolk Vegans meet-up was hosted at Vikings’ sister venue, Isaacs on the Quay, on 2 December 2017.

For more information on Suffolk Vegans and their upcoming social evenings and other events, visit them on Facebook at

Are you a potential Viking?

We are seeking Vikings for part-time work! No experience in seafaring or marauding is required, but a passion for plant-based food is essential. We would love to hear from you if you feel confident in training to become a Vikings Bakehouse server, food runner, chef, cook, baker, or perhaps a combination thereof.

About Vikings Bakehouse

Vikings Bakehouse is part of the Bentleys Restaurants group of venues, which also comprises our famous neighbour, Isaacs on the Quay, along with the Briarbank Brewing Company and The Gallery.

The future

Vikings Bakehouse aspires to be a friendly, exciting, and above all, ethical, plant-based, grab-and-go cafe. We are not presently open to the public, but we plan to open our kitchen in late 2021/early 2022, whereupon customers in Isaacs on the Quay and the Briarbank Brewing Company can order an enticing range of vegan food and drink. The cafe itself will open for walk-ins at a later point in time.

What we are doing already

We are delighted to say that our fully plant-based kitchen is already supplying food to The Gallery, and we would like to think that our passion for vegan food and drink has inspired considerations for plant-based options from the Isaacs kitchen and the Briabank’s in-house brewery.

How to apply

If you are an aspiring Viking and wish to join the team, please send a covering letter and CV to Feel free also to e-mail if you would simply prefer to have an informal chat about joining the Vikings team.

Working at The Gallery

Our sister venue, The Gallery, is also recruiting at present. If you are interested, please apply via Indeed.

“Plant-based decadence” – The Ipswich Star reviews The Gallery


As you may know, Vikings Bakehouse is proud to be supplying an exciting vegan tapas menu at our sister venue, The Gallery, a new wine and cocktail bar situated close to the Ipswich Waterfront. Danielle Lett, Ipswich Star Digital Features Writer, visited The Gallery to sample a selection of food and drink, and we are delighted to learn that she is already looking forward to going back for more!

You can read the full review here.