The Vikings really are coming…

Vikings Bakehouse aspires to be a friendly, exciting, and above all, ethical, plant-based, grab-and-go cafe. We are not presently open to the public, but in the near future, customers in Isaacs on the Quay and the Briarbank Brewing Company will be able to order an enticing range of vegan food and drink from our kitchen. The cafe itself will open for walk-ins at a later point in time.

As for Vikings Bakehouse, we have some exciting plans for 2022, including some fun collaborations to be announced in due course! We have already been working on collaborations with our sister venues, The Gallery (more information here) and the Briarbank (more information here).

By the way, have you seen our unique window mural? Come on down when you are next on the Ipswich Waterfront and grab a photo!

Vegan-friendly beer from our sister venue

The Briarbank Brewing Company is the place to go in Ipswich for a unique microbrewery experience.

Our sister venue, the Briarbank Brewing Company, brews an exciting selection of beers, all of which are suitable for vegans. Whether you fancy Perpendicular, a brilliant golden yellow ale, or the Irish-inspired Black Horse Stout (the Briarbank building, located on Fore Street, was formerly a Lloyds banking branch), you can purchase their range of beers online either in bottles, mini-kegs or even as part of a fantastic gift pack.

If you are visiting the Briarbank in person and are looking for a bite to eat, the Briarbank offers several vegan options from the Isaacs kitchen, including a vegan burger and loaded vegan chilli fries. In the future, Vikings Bakehouse hopes to supply a number of food options for Briarbank customers from our fully plant-based kitchen. We are already offering a plant-based menu for another of our sister venues, The Gallery.

For more information about the Briarbank and its range of beers, head to

Vegan tapas at The Gallery on Wherry Lane

Vikings Bakehouse is delighted to be offering a fully plant-based menu at our neighbouring venue, The Gallery. From delicious continental breads (with dips, naturally) to vegan black pudding, you will be sure to find vegan tapas splendour at The Gallery.

You can find The Gallery on Wherry Lane, the elegant alleyway which links Fore Street with the Ipswich Waterfront. For information on The Gallery’s opening hours or to book a table, check out their web site.